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The Story of the Round Tu-it...

When I was a kid growing up in Minnesota, I remember having wooden nickels from a local mercantile.  The tokens could be traded for an ice cream cone or a small soda.


I distinctly remember one of these tokens being imprinted in red with the words 'to-it'.  When I inquired of the store clerk what a 'to-it' might be, she responded: "Everyone always says that someday they'll get 'around to it'.  Well, this is a 'round to-it'."


As a kid, it took me awhile to eventually understand the intended play on words - but once I got it, I thought it was pretty clever. And I guess I haven't forgotten it.


It has been said that no one plans to fail, they simply fail to plan. Many people will plan for retirement, college expenses and family trips. But when the topic of pre-planning funeral arrangements is mentioned, it seems most are content to say: 'Someday I'll get around to it'.


We understand that it can be difficult to contemplate - and discuss - this topic.  But we've also learned that these decisions must be made at one time or another. And by waiting, the default result is that decisions end up being made on the worst day of a family's life.


The hardest part, we've learned from others, is simply getting started; so we'd like to help you get 'around to it'. There is never a charge to sit down with us over a cup of coffee and get your intentions on paper. We'll provide good information so you can make good decisions, and we'll provide an itemized estimate so you'll know exactly what to expect.


Although it's not at all required, many people choose to pre-pay their arrangements as well. We'll explain our cost guarantee and all available options for those who might be interested in pre-funding their arrangements.


Remember, funerals are in honor of the one who has died - but they're for everyone whose lives they have touched.  Pre-planning will allow you to be honored in the way that you choose, with special meaning for your family and friends. 


After completing their pre-arrangements recently, one couple said to us: 'We'd have done this years ago if only we had realized how simple it was!'.  They finally got around to it.


When you're ready to get 'around to it' - we'll be here when you need us.


Remember well.

Wondering What Type of Service Is Right For You?

A special Pamphlet, Ways To Remember, is available at no cost or obligation to help you with this question. It can provide additional insight as you consider pre-arrangement options. Click here to request your complimentary copy.

Wondering If You Can Transfer?

If you have already made your pre-arrangements elsewhere, it's good for you to know that you may transfer those plans to Weerts Funeral Home at any time. Whether another provider no longer meets your needs or preferences, or perhaps you've moved, simply contact us and we will make the change for you - no hitch, no hassle.

Things can change. And so can you.

We'll be here when you need us!

Weerts Funeral Home - 3625 Jersey Ridge Road, Davenport, Iowa 52807 tel. 563.355.4433